Our condo has many of the convieneces of home….BUT, things aren’t the same as at home…I’m reffering to the fast paced urban jungle where you expect 30 minute or free pizza, the same place that when the bus sign says 3:38 you can expect it to arrive at 3:38 give or take a minute.  You may also expect if they say they will send someone up soon to mean in 10 minutes….you could wait a whole lot longer than that though…

Life is slower down here, drivers might be late, the waiter might forget about you for a few minutes….I suggest you stop, slow down & check out the monkeys…..*grin*

This baby Howler Monkey was up in a Mango tree at our condo (Sunrise Condo, Tamarindo).  He was playing with another baby moneky and they were learning how to Howel… tiny little grunts, it was SO cute!

My point is, I was disappointed with our property manager when we told him our coffee maker had a broken caraf a week ago and when we arrived yesturday it was still broken… he explained that they are looking for one but they do not sell coffee makers in town so they had to wait until someone was going to the larger town near by…. Lesson learned, so I went out and looked for the monkies in the mango tree again…

Pura Vida!

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