Boggy Creek Airboat Ride

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If you like adventure and nature you will LOVE air boat rides!!!  These boats get up to 50 miles an hour! 
There are many outfits around that provide airboat rides but we chose Boggy Creek because it’s fairly close to our Vacation Rental home in Kissimmee (they are located on East Lake Tohopekaliga and it’s a about 30-40 minute drive) and they have a high standard for safety.  

There are several tours available – check out thier website for details

We took the basic  30 min tour for about $26 but there are plenty of coupons  – check brouchure stands at hotels/restaurants and even our club house at Windsor Palms).

  Just on the 30 minute tour we spotted many birds including this Greater Egret.  If you are an avid birder they have private tours which will allow you to get up close to several species. 

 I am sure with the private tour you can request that they look for specific birds and stop
for you to take photos – our tour stopped but since we weren’t the only people on board
it wasn’t right to make them wait for us to get the perfect shot! 

OR we would have been able to post the picture of the pair of Bald Eagles we saw pearched
in these trees…  but I am not going to bore you with blurry photos!


 It’s a fairly noisy ride but they provide these SUPER cool looking protective ear gear
don’t worry about looking like a dork ’cause everyone else is doing it!

Our Captain/Tour Guide pulled over to show us a gator that was hanging out on the shoreline… which just
confirms (in my mind) that you should NOT go swimming in lakes in Florida!  

It was a worth while trip to Lake Tohopekaliga!  and NEXT time we are signing up for the night
tour – I AM SURE they see lots of gators on that tour!


The Richard Petty Ride-a-long Experience at Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando

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This is no ordinary Disney ride boys & girls!  These are REAL 600hp NASCAR automobiles.  I only did a ride along, but there are 4 different programs available & with a little training you can even drive the car yourself! 

Here’s me and my driver Dave, he drove wonderfully fast!  About 140mph! … that’s about 225 km/hr

And here’s the car!  I don’t know why I am posing like Vanna White, this is not Wheel of Fortune!  I think I actually went to hug the car but it was REALLY hot….

Here’s a VIDEO of me racing around the track

Here’s a VIDEO of me getting out of the car Dukes of Hazard style

AND on December 24th the in car video that the nice folks at Richard Petty taped for me showed up in my mail box – Merry Christmas to me!!!!!  ENJOY!


 I was supposed to do the Richard Petty Rookie Experience which includes class room lessons & 8 laps of solo driving in an authentic NASCAR around the speedway!… I LOVE cars & speed, so this was my dream come true!  So?…why didn’t I do it?  When we arrived at the Walt Disney World Speedway the track was wet…I haven’t driven standard in many years….I knew I would go faster and get a better experience if I got a pro to drive… and THAT’S my reason for not doing the Rookie Driving Experience and I am sticking to it!  PLEASE do not ask me again!

Despite my disappointment in myself (for not doing the rookie experience as planned), it was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who likes NASCAR or even just driving fast!

The Pearl Factory: A Unique Experience Found in Downtown Disney

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There are many, many, many things to do in Disney World, one the coolest experience I had was ‘hunting’ for my own oyster, harvesting the pearl and making it into a necklace… It’s a company called The Pearl Factory and they have a kiosk in Down Town Disney (near pooh corner).  You simply show up and for $15.99 you can harvest an oyster and find a pearl. 


Here’s me giddy with joy that I am going to find a pearl… you are free to pick whatever oyster you wish but, the jeweller gave me a hint to pick the ugliest oyster… I picked both ugly & large!  You are guaranteed to find a pearl or you get to pick again and on a rare occasion you can find 2 pearls in an oyster! 

Here’s my Oyster- NOW, let’s see what’s inside!  But first you must repeat a traditional Hawaiian saying,  and tap three times.  Mele Kalikinaka to me!!!


Here’s what I found in my large, ugly oyster… They measured and assessed my pearl – it’s a beautiful, size 8 pearl with a touch of pink!  It’s worth approx $180.00!  The colour of my pearl represents  passion & beauty.

Now you have the choice to just take your pearl or have it set into a piece of jewellery – they have everything from rings to necklaces and more, and the settings start at $10 for a costume jewellery setting to several hundred dollars for gold with diamond accents.  It’s such a valuable pearl I decided on spending a bit more but opted out on the diamonds. 

  Mahalo nui loa!  (Thank you very much)


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I know what you are thinking…. CLEVELAND???
If you are looking for a weekend getaway within driving distance from south western Ontario – you should check out Cleveland. This was one of the best surprises we have come across in a long time. It reminds me of a cross between Washington DC with all its large stately buildings and memorials, Montreal with its pedestrian only streets lined with sidewalk cafes and patios and New York City for its Theatre District.

We used hotwire to book our hotel and scored a room in this gorgeous four star Historical Downtown Hyatt hotel that normally rents for $179/night and up to $550 a night (that’s what it said on the back of the door!!!) for just $50!  I LOVE hotwire!!!  Our room overlooked east 4th street, was spacious and clean. 

We could have hung out on east 4th street the entire weekend.  Happy hour means $1 domestic beers and half price appetizers!    There’s something for everyone here from pub grub to fine dining and we even found this great place called the green house that not only has it’s own local gardens and works with local farms to provide a great dinner with a low carbon foot print but, they have even taken the interior decor into consideration when renovation this old building – the cool barrel style chandeliers are made from old bicycle tires!!!    AND THE FOOD WAS AMAZING! 

This being the 4th of July weekend and our lesser known July 1st holiday weekend (Canadian Holiday to celebrate Canada’s Birthday) we expected some fire works but were blown away with the nightly light show from Thursday to Sunday!  It was wonderful! 

 We didn’t get any photos (because you know how hard it is to watch fireworks and photograph them?!?!?!) but this is where we sat and watched them – they exploded between the bridge and the skyline – ahhhh, it was gorgeous!  This restaurant was pretty good too – called the Ponte Vecchio – translated means Old Bridge.  It’s in a weird spot  – litterally located on an old bridge and not really in the best neighbourhood, but once the sun goes down and you look at this view you will understand it’s location. 

We found ourselves wandering the streets, taking in the scenery and snapping so many photos we ran out of time and had to choose between the science center – which I hear is super cool with it’s hundreds of hand on exhibits, indoor tornado, and many more exciting displays…. AND the Rock and Roll hall of fame – we chose rock and roll baby!  It was very cool to see the clothing, cars, video clips, letters, postcards and music sheets written by the musical greats such as The Rolling Stones, Beatles and Cindy Lauper.  There are no interior photos of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame because photos were prohibited!  There is a free coat & camera check on the lower level.  AND I GOT TO SEE A MOCK UP CASE!!!… very similar to my work as a visual merchandiser!  A mock up case is a place the exhibit creators make a mock up of the merchandise they are going to receive to give them a visual of what it’s going to look like when the real artefacts arrive. 

We learned that Jim Morrison’s grave is the most visited place in all of Paris – i thought it would have been the Eiffel Tower or the Mona Lisa!  …who knew?

Hope you enjoy Cleveland as much as we did!

Hamilton Waterfront

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Hamilton Ontario Waterfront has gone through some changes in the past few years.  It has been transformed into a great park with over 12 km of waterfront trails that are shared amongst walkers, joggers, cyclists and roller bladders. 

 A few weeks ago we went for a walk on the trail that circles Bay Front Park and we spotted many birds and water fowl including a Robin, Tern, Geese, a family of Swans, King Fisher, Gold Finch, Red Winged Black bird, Chickadees, Sparrows, Killdeer, Mallards, we also spotted a painted turtle. 

Bring a picnic or sit under one of the gazebos, take the wireless trolley or explore the parks Canada Discovery Centre… there are tons of things to do down here!!! 

Check out the website at  for more information. 

We finished off our tour of the area with a nice late lunch at Barangas on the Beach – if you haven’t heard of this place you HAVE to check it out .  Good food!  Live music! gorgeous view!


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