Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica Maps

Map #1 – Guanacaste, Costa Rica Map #2 – Town of Tamarindo

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If possible fly in to Liberia to the Daniel Oduber International Airport vs. the one in San Jose. It is much closer. The airport details below assume you are coming in through Liberia.

If you have to fly in to the San Jose, Juan Santamaria International Airport, for some reason a commuter flight to Tamarindo cost around $100.00/person one way during high season in 2007. Details below will help you figure out how you may wish to get to Tamarindo from whichever International airport you fly in to.

General transportation to our condo from the airport (rates listed as of January 2013):

The standard rate for a public/shared shuttle is usually $20 to $25/person with a 2 person minimum (if you are a single person you pay for 2 people).  Note that price flucuates based on gas price.  If you have a surf board expect to pay at least $10+ per each surfboard if they will allow it – so confirm when booking.  This can almost always be arranged right at the Liberia airport upon arrival. There is also a shuttle service from the airport every 2 hours in high season (Nov to Mar – but confirm in advance that service is running during your trip, and what the costs are, prices have been fluctuating by a fair bit every year).  Here are some links to companies that provide shuttle services.  Note:  we have absolutely nothing to do with any of the services and take no responsibility if they don’t provide proper service.  He list the companies/websites just to provide some assistance to you in finding the companies.  Do a search on TripAdvisor to get reviews from people who have taken the various services.  Don’t pay any money over the Internet, you pay once they’ve driven you to your destination:

Tamarindo Shuttle


PDQ Taxi Services – we saw this posted on TripAdvisor and have never user them.  Taxis in Costa Rica are red with yellow taxi signs.  As of 2013 they were charging $80 for up to 4 people for a private taxi.

Private transportation to our condo from the airport:

However, we recommend the private shuttle service because they wait in the airport for the passengers and the general Tamarindo shuttle services mentioned above usually transports 5 to 15 people at the same time. A private group of 6 will pay likely pay less (about $85 vs. $20/person or more for the shared shuttle) for much better service, the driver waits for your flight to arrive at the airport (assuming you are crazy late) and holds your last name up on a sign for you to locate each other.  Our property manager can arrange the private shuttle when you book our condo.  Price is usually around $85 for your group but can change based on gas price and other factors.  We have nothing to do with the shuttle service so confirm details with our property manager when you book.

General Details, where to go, and how long it takes

Tamarindo, and therefore our condo, are about 75 Km, just under 50 miles, from the international airport in Liberia. The trip from this airport usually takes about 50 minutes to drive by car. If you are driving yourself, our onsite property manager can provide you with directions to the condo complex, just ask for these directions when you book with us. It is fairly easy to find our condo since the route to Tamarindo from the airport is decently signed and our condo is just off the main street that runs along the ocean.

Here are more details on distances and time lines:


by car – not guaranteed as

the time may change based on the weather, traffic, road conditions


Liberia 75 Km/50 miles – About 50 minutes
Manual Antonio 315 Km/200 miles – About 4 hours (Just over 1 hr by regional plane)
Monteverde 180Km/110 miles – About 3.5 hours
San Jose 275 Km/170 miles – Just over 4.5 hours

People from North America will likely find distances deceiving in Costa Rica. On a map a location can look fairly close but often the roads travel many switch backs and indirect routes to cross small mountains, or other natural obsticles.


Costa Rica doesnn’t have street names and numbers, at least in the towns, like they do in North America or Europe. Instead the addresses are based off of well known landmarks. In the case of Tamarindo the Hotel Diria, one of the oldest existing building in the centre of town is the main land mark. Sunrise Condominiums it is located on the same street (the main stree) 50 meters north of Hotel Diria:

Address in Spanish Address in English
50 metres antes Hotel Diriá,Tamarindo, Guanacaste

Costa Rica

50 meters to the north fromTamarindo Diriá Hotel,

Tamarindo, Guanacaste,

Costa Rica

We recommend flying in to Liberia and taking a taxi (the onsite property manager can arrange a private shuttle for a fee), or renting a car to arrive at the condo. Once you have arrived you don’t really need a car. You can walk to most things in town and take tour buses, or taxis if you decide to do something outside of town. There is a parking spot for the unit, in a secured parking area, on site.

You could also fly in to the International Airport in San Jose and then take a regional flight (through Sansa, or Nature Air in to Tamarindo. Buses are inexpensive and they do travel between the various towns and cities but don’t expect the same quality of bus you would find in North America/Europe.

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