Property Details

A Sunrise Condo complex consists of three, four & five storey buildings.  Just across the main road from Tamarindo Beach.  Very central to the beach, and the most popular tourist destinations in Tamarindo.

mainThis photo, taken from Tamarindo Beach, shows the Sunrise Condominium Complex and how close it is to the beach.

We spent three weeks looking at real estate up and down the North West Pacific Coast and around Quepos (Manual Antonio National Park) of Costa Rica before purchasing this condo.  We purchased in this area because we found it to be the best blend of weather, plus being able to do the various eco-tours, surfing, beaches, restaurants, golfing.  We ended up spending 30% more than originally budgeted on our condo because of the location across from the beach in Tamarindo.  We found other towns such as Flamingo Beach, Portrero Beach, etc., while pretty, to be fairly desolate, and we wanted something in the center of it all.

The condo is about a 50 minute car ride to the international airport in Liberia, and just a few minutes drive from the national airport in Tamarindo.  For further location information please see the Directions page.

Tucked off the main street in Tamarindo the condos couldn’t be more the centre of things to do.  Walk out the door and you are instantly at the beach, can sign up for many types of eco-tours, and various other tours, easily walk to restaurants and stores.

The unit circled in red above is unit #6, our own condo, it has an amazing view of the pool and a partial view of the ocean.

We have our own high speed Internet connection with wi-fi plus for redundancy the building shares a 4Mb/s wi-fi Internet connection.

I can help to rent out various condos at the property.  Units on the first floor do not have an ocean view but they may have a nice view of the pool.  Units on the second level may have a partial ocean view (the view is partial because there is a small line, maybe 50 feet deep up in the branches, 10 feet down on the ground (shown in the top picture on this page)), of natural trees, between the beach and the condo complex, which restrict the view of the ocean (you can see the trees in the photo at the top of the page.  On the third level you will start to see a fair bit of the ocean but the trees by the beach still block the view of the sand.  The fourth level you start to have a pretty decent view of the beach/ocean.  You will likely notice that rent charges go up about $200/week for each level above the 2nd level within the complex.