Here are various links to photos of guests comments from our guest book. We feel it is only fair that you get to hear from some of our past guests. We add some of our own helpful tips/notes under the photo to comment on some things the guest has mentioned.
Comments Received through Email
“We wanted to say we had a fantastic time. The condo was beautiful, comfortably furnished, and in the perfect location!… Anyway thank you from us and our families. We all really enjoyed ourselves and much in part because of where we stayed.”
B & R, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
March 2009
“The place was lovely, perfect location – you couldn’t ask for a better spot at all. Never even bothered to put shoes on to walk to the beach or bring a towel, we just air-dried and skipped across the scorching street! The condo itself was perfect for us two couples, great size and plenty of room to stretch out; the tv was great – the men especially liked it, it was like they were watching sunday football at home (That was the one afternoon they stayed indoors; I guess we couldn’t really expect them to miss a play-off game!)!! Everything we could possibly need in the kitchen was there not that we did a ton of cooking, why should we with Nogui’s, Dragonfly, Witches Rock, FT’s, Copacabana, etc around, but we did put it to use for egg sandwiches and lunches. And of course, Costa Rican coffee in the morning! Great bedrooms and bathrooms, everything was very comfortable and the staff at the complex was very nice and helpful (like when we ran out of TP late in the day!). The pool was great, nice and cool and hardly anyone ever in it, so we could just float and lounge like it was our own private backyard.”
J. E, New York, New York, USA
January 2009
Hello Laurie & Larry: Really loved your condo and Tamarindo. We found a taxi driver that spoke English..The driver stopped at a Monkey Park on the way where they rehabilitate injured animals. It was really interesting… The girls took surfing lessons and went to Nicaragua on a day tour. They got a lot of art and really enjoyed the trip. We also loved the art in your condo. You’ve done a great decorating job. The weather was really good for the 2 weeks there. We spent 2 nights at Arenal Observatory Lodge and 1 at Tabacon Hot Springs – great views of the volcano both night and day. It’s very impressive as it spews out rocks and lava and really enjoyed the Hot Springs. The Arenal area is beautiful. Angelica and staff at your Vacation Rentals office were really helpful – maybe next time we will rent a car but the taxi worked out very well and grocery stores and restaurants are all so close, probably don’t need a car at all. We thought about it but suddenly the time was up. We went on an estuary tour and saw a lot of crocodiles and monkeys. It was great. We stopped at Hotel Bula Bula and later went there for dinner. The Hotel sent their boat to pick us up at the estuary and we really enjoyed dinner there. The best fish dinner was at Pedro’s on the beach – fresh caught fish every day and we really enjoyed Nature Air [local airline]. The planes have huge windows so view from the air was super. On the flight from Arenal to Liberia, the airport at La Fortuna was closed and Nature Air bussed us out to a private airstrip in a cane field and took off from thereon a gravel and grass runway. It was a very exciting trip. So, we are very much looking forward to our next trip back. Thanks so much…”
N & E, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
April 2008
Beautiful, comfortable, within walking distance to most things…
The guest mentioned the condition of the roads. The roads between the Liberia airport and our condo as of January 2008 were in very good condition. However, head off the main roads and you can be in for a rough ride.
Wonderful Holiday! Spectacular sunsets…
The sunsets on Tamarindo beach are usually magnificent.

These were one of our first guests. We’ve since had a chance to more fully equip the kitchen. The unit now has items like a cork screw and kettle. Something to note though, if you notice that an every day type of item is missing please talk to our property manager. If the item is something most guests would use then odds are we’ll buy the item right away for you to make use of. The kitchen now contains most of your basic items, such as a microwave, toaster, blender, plates, utensils, etc.,it doesn’t contain less basic items like a waffle iron, or shrimp forks.

There were so many things to do it was almost overwhelming…
After having travelled through much of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica we decided to buy in Tamarindo because the town itself has more amenities then most other Pacific beach towns in Costa Rica. As well, it is within 1/2 hour of so many activities and within a day tour of so much else. We recommend taking a look at our Activities page to give you an idea of the types of things you can do. Except for transportation from the airport, and local flights if we want to see something a little further away we book all our tours when we arrive in Tamarindo. Our property manager can help book tours and there are many places within a 10 minute walk of our condo to book tours.
What a great condo…
As mentioned elsewhere on our website we travelled around the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica for over 3 weeks before we decided to buy at Sunrise Condominiums in Tamarindo. We ended up spending $100,000.00 more on our condo then originally planned. We had originally planned to buy in the area of Playa Potrero (Potrero Beach). However, after having stayed in the area for a few days we realized that while it is nice to spend a day there, the typical family would likely get bored in the area. We then chose Tamarindo in a condo were you are about as close to the beach as you can now legally buy and in the center of things so you don’t have to have a vehicle, you can walk to so many things. The beach, restaurants, groceries, stores, clubs, access to tours, etc., are all within walking distance.
Loved the
condo & pool, everyone friendly & helpful…
Aside from mentioning the great condo this person mentioned a few other things worth talking about. They mentioned that their snorkeling tour was fun but they didn’t see much. Something to keep in mind is that Tamarindo is a tourist town. You can walk down the street from our condo and within 10 minutes come across at least 5 tour companies. Some of these places will provide great advice and others are out to make a quick buck and will sell certain tours even when they shouldn’t. There is some good snorkeling to be found around the area but it depends on the tide and the weather, as to how clear the water is and where the marine life is. We recommend talking to Angie at our property managers office, or Papaguyo Excursions, to book your tours.

The guests mention to the rainy season but that they found it sunny. They travelled in August, July are August are known as the mini summer in Tamarindo when the weather tends to be quite good. The main summer is mid November in to April when the weather is pretty much perfect beach weather the entire time (fairly warm during the day and pleasant at night. In May and June it isn’t unusual to have a brief shower in the late afternoon or night time for at least a couple of days a week. October is usually the wettest month of the year but still fun if you plan accordingly and we adjust our rates accordingly (i.e., October is the least expensive time to rent our condo).

What a great ride Costa Rica has been…
This person suggests to rent a car to really see the area. They are correct in that you can really experience the local flavour if you rent a car and get out of town. However, on page two they mention what it is like driving in Costa Rica. A word of caution, driving in Costa Rica is unlike driving in North America. If you are prepared for driving to be part of the adventure then you may want to rent a car. Be warned though that Costa Rica has one of the highest accident rates in the world so drive a car at your own risk. You can rent a vehicle (we recommend a 4×4 if you decide to rent) at the airport in Liberia, or within a 5 minute walk of our condo you have access to at least 3 rental car companies. The choice is up to you, you definitely don’t need to rent a car, and some people may find driving in Costa Rica too much, others will absolutely love the adventure. There is a road north of Tamarindo in the Flamingo, Hermosa area called the monkey trail that while it looks great on a map to connect you with various beaches there are times of the year that you could literally loose a car on the road and at other times it is common to have to drive through small creeks as there are no bridges over the roads. The people also mention that the rainy season didn’t slow them down. The main rainy season in Guanacoste is starts in September and ends in late October or early November.
What a great ride Costa Rica has been – page 2…
Cologne/perfume Eau de Off! – These people travelled in October during the rainy season. We always recommend to have some type of bug spray when you tour the rain forests. This is especially true in during the rainy season. We forgot bug spray on our last trip in January of 2008. We didn’t experience any biting bugs except for when we were on a tour through the rain forest. We’ve been on a tour of Carara Biological Reserve (which is not located within a day trip of Tamarindo unless you take a local flight) were we forgot bug spray and our guide found us a citronella plant – one leaf worked wonders for a group of 5 people.