Arabian NightsDirections, 15 minutes or 7 miles away.

Atlanta Braves, Spring Training Directions, 7.4 miles – about 15 mins

Cocoa BeachDirections, 73.2 Miles or 1 Hr 21 mins.( Cocoa Beach is the closest beach

Flea marketsDirections, 21.7 miles – about 35 mins

Florida MallDirections, 19.3 mi – about 25 mins

Golfing – Directions, 1.2 mi – about 5 mins

A. Mystics DunesDirections, 1.3 mi – about 3 mins

B. ChampionsGate Golf Club Directions, 4.6 mi – about 13 mins

C. Highlands Reserve Golf ClubDirections, 10.4 mi – about 18 mins

D. John Hughes GolfDirections, 2.5 mi – about 6 mins

Golf coast beachDirections, 86 mi – about 6 hours 29 mins

Kennedy Space CenterDirections, 70.3 Miles or 1 Hr 28 Mins. (This is the space center from where NASA launches the Space Shuttle )

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center & Cape CanaveralDirections, 1.5 hours or 71 miles away.

Orlando international airport Directions, 25.5 Miles or 32 Mins.


Many restaurants, from inexpensive buffets (e.g., Golden Corral) to more upscale are a close drive away.  Here is a restaurant map using Google Maps.

Google Map Directions

Walt Disney World Time and Directions

All directions and times courtesy of Google Maps. We take no responsibility for any wrong directions provided by Google.

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