Canmore Activities

Check out our Walkability Score (a score which shows how close you are to various activities):  Last we checked we had a score of 95%.  This puts the vacation rental condo in the top 4% of properties on all of Walkscore for being located within easy walking distance of amenties.  For us it is the perfect balance of being centrally located but not having to worry about noise on Main St.

Canmore Crossing  is located in the heart of the town of Canmore, one of Canada’s best year round playgrounds.   Nestled in the Southern Canadian Rockies, minutes from Banff National ParkKananaskis Country (Bow Valley Provincial Park,   Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park,   Peter Lougheed Provincial Park), and the new   Bow Valley Protected Area.

A Toronto Star (one of Canada’s largest newspapers) article (August 27, 2005) proclaimed “Canmore, Alberta — Forget Wild Rose country [the Alberta government’s tag line for the province], this part of Alberta is God’s country.  In all directions, jagged Rocky Mountain peaks appear close enough to touch… Skiing, hiking, mountain-biking, fishing and spectacular vistas abound.”

Within minutes you can be out the door and enjoying nature or sitting on the patio of one of Alberta’s best restaurants.

For someone looking for outdoor activities, clean mountain air, relaxation and some of the world’s best scenery this area has it all. A 2005 National Geographic report card on Canada/USA National Parks Stewardship (park conditions) gave the highest concentration of “Top” ratings to the 5 National Parks within a 3 hour drive of Canmore, Alberta.

Most of the activities here tend to involve being outdoors and having access to a car…. the mountain areas are a very outdoor oriented area – there are very good restaurants, a few museums, galleries, and clubs to poke around in, but the majority of ‘stuff to do’ involves some sort of physical activity or driving somewhere to look at something.  If you are hoping for a metropolitan experience this isn’t the place.  The 5 million people going through the area every year mainly come here for site seeing and outdoor recreation.

Summer is high tourist season, with winter a very close second.  I’ve often gone in the spring or fall, since there are not as many tourists and there is usually good weather and still lots to do.  However, the arts & entertainment possibilities do slow down during off peak seasons.  If these activities are important anyone going there should check out the calendars offered in the various activity links below.

Stay safe¸ check out the various area reports on trails and wild life conditions to ensure you enjoy your trip.

The links on this page are constantly changing as web pages are moved and become broken.   Please report broken links at this page.  I’ve tried to include some of the keywords (ex., the names of some of the near by parks, or areas used for a specific type of activity) so that you can perform your own search using some of the keywords I’ve provided.

A decent all around website for information about the area is Where, Canadian Rockies


Arts & Entertainment

Dance, Jazz, Opera, Classical, Galleries with numerous theatres and an international music school the town of Banff (20 minutes by car) has the art scene covered.

While not as diverse as a major city center there is usually some form of entertainment happening in either Banff, or Canmore.  Calgary is only an hour away for those who wish to take in the Calgary Stampede (mid summer) or a broader range of activities. For a night of food and entertainment there is the Oh Canada Eh Dinner Theatre, within walking distance of the condominium complex.


ATV Tours

Banff ATV Tours, is about 1.5 hours outside of Canmore but the drive to their location is itself part of the fun, through some stunning mountain scenery.  They will pick people up in Canmore as part of the tour package.


Banff National Park

Rates and other information from the official website:

Some great photos of the park.

Parks Canada, Banff National Park Visitor Page


Bicycle / Mountain Biking (Bike, Extreme Biking) Trips

The town of Canmore is only 4 km away from the Nordic Centre.  The Nordic Centre hosted the first 1999 World Solo 24 Hours of Adrenalin Championship and the Diesel World Cup, winner of the Rainbow Award. Without a doubt, the most scenic 24 Hours of Adrenalin takes place at the Nordic Centre.  Details on some of the local trails.  Some more details on local trails and bike rentals.

Aside from the Nordic Centre, Banff National Park and the various other parks inside Kananaskis Country offer their own numerous trails.  Plus there is always the trip from Canmore to Jasper for the serious road biker.


Bird Watching / Nature Study

The park systems cover a lot of area (approximately the size of England) so there is plenty to see.  Going to Banff for bird watching is going to offer a somewhat different experience than driving to Kananaskis for the Festival of Eagles.

With elk and big horn sheep sightings pretty much a daily occurrence for those who know where to look.  Anyone living in the area has likely seen bears and cougars to. A decent nature site to look at is as it allows you to sort information by birds, animals or plants, offers sightings and helpful hints.


Canada Olympic Park

Home of the 1988 Olympic ski jump, bobsled and other events the Canada Olympic Park is also a place to visit.  If you follow the Trans-Canada Highway from Calgary International Airport to Canmoreyou can’t miss the park.  With events happening during summer and winter, and a museum there is lots to do here.


Canoeing/Kayaking/River Raft Trips/White Water Rafting

Depending on whether you want to explore things by yourself or go with one of the various companiesthat specializes in these activities.  There are numerous lakes, and rivers.  As hauling around a canoe/kayak/rafts and equipment any great distance is never fun there are rentals in the area.

River Ratings:

Bow River Class I – II

Kananaskis River Class I – III

Red Deer River Class I – III+

Elbow River Class II – IV

White Water Rafting


Cross Country Skiing

From beginner to world class it is right there in Canmore.  The 1988 Olympic cross country skiing events were held at the Canmore Nordic Centre.  The Nordic Centre offers over 70 km of trails but for those who want to check out the scenery a little further from Canmore there are plenty of places to go.  There are also numerous tour companies and tours to choose from.  Also, to help you do some more research as to which parks and trails are in which area you can refer to this Cross Country Skiing Trail list.

Ski Rental Information


Dog Sledding & Ski Jouring

My guess is most people would need to hook up with a guide for these activities.  Although you can sit back and watch the annual Canmore dogsled races.  What is Ski Jouring you may ask; well you take two dogs and a cross country skier voila.


Fall Colours

In the autumn of 2007 Banff was listed by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) as one of the top places in Canada to see fall colours.  Click here for a link to the brief article.  The Larch trees are known for changing Vibrant yellow.  You can often get a great view by taking the gondola from Sunshine Village.  Best time to see the Autumn Colors changes slightly every year but between mid-September to mid-October you have a decent chance of experiencing something.


Fishing & Ice Fishing

With world class fishing exists all throughout the area.  Various trout, whitefish and artic grayling are the main type of fish to catch.



In 2002 when I created this section the area was rated Best Canadian Golf Destination by ScoreGolfreaders choice awards.  Which is understandable considering the Kananaskis courses of Mt Kidd and Lorette have been rated Best Value in Canada by a number of publishers.  The Banff Springs was given a gold medal for Best Scenery (along with Mt Kidd and Lorette received a bronze medal), a silver medal for Best Golf Resort and has one of the 18 best holes in the world (Golf Digest).  Silver Tip, located right in Canmore is also rated as one of the top 100 courses in Canada.



The Canmore trails start about a 2 minute walk from the condo and just keep going.  There is a trail guide book in the bookshelf at the condo to help guests who want to explore.  Some of the Canmore trails connect to Banff and Kananaskis trails.  There is a good Kananaskis map which shows trails south of Canmore.


Horseback Riding & Pack Trips

There are numerous outfits that provide trips through the Rockies.  Whether horse back riding or a sled ride through the snow everyone is taken care of.


Hot Springs

There are 3 commercial hot springs throughout the southern Rockies.  A hot spring is like a public pool but is fed from the natural hot springs in the area.


Hot Tub

There are two hot tubs located within the Canmore Crossing complex.  In building C at 1120 Railway Ave., and building A at 1160 Railway Ave., there are large hot tubs located on the roof with mountain views.  Renters get access to the hot tubs during the hours that the hot tubs are open.  Hot tub towels are provided in the suite.



As numerous parks are near by, a hunter will need to know the hunting restrictions, and locations that are okay to hunt in.


Internet Access

Yes, our vacation rental condo has wireless high speed, details are on our FAQ page.


Jasper National Park

It is about 3.5 hours away from Canmore but if you have the time and don’t mind driving this is one of the better drives on the planet.  Here are some photos of the scenery when you make it to Jasper.

Official Parks Canada information about Jasper

Parks Canada, Jasper National Park Visitor Page


Mountain Climbing/Rock Climbing/Ice Climbing

A good place to start for those expert climbers willing to set out on their own is the web site of a local climber.  For those needing a little more guidance (remember gravity works and a fall can kill) there are plenty of tour companies in the area.  In the hub of the most developed rock climbing area in the Canadian Rockies here are a few of the climbs.



For those willing to travel far and wide there are museums of every type.  The Royal Tyrrell Museumwhile just under a 3 hour drive away (from Canmore, 1.5 hours from Calgary possible trip, with appropriate planning to or from the Calgary Airport) is a must see for any dinosaur lovers.  Closer to home and on a smaller scale are the Canmore and Banff museums.



Choose between ATVs, LandRovers, or Hummers.  The tour guides will set you on the right track, however, there is an area in Kananaskis Country, called McLean Creek Off-Highway Vehicles area set aside just for off road vehicles.  The McLean Creek/Sibbald Off-Highway Vehicle & Snowmobile Trails guide.


Pool (Swimming Pool)

There is a state of the art indoor pool complete with a hot tub at the Canmore Recreation Centre.  The Rec Centre is located at 1900 – 8th Ave. Canmore, Alberta, T1W 1Y2.  For more information on hours, etc., contact the Centre at (403) 678-5597



Canmore itself offers plenty of dining opportunities within a 5 minute walk of the condo.  The town of Banff is just a short drive away and restaurants in both areas are listed as some of the best places to eat in Alberta and Canada.  With close to 80 places to eat from a short walk to a 15 minute drive away there is something for everyone.

Our favourite restaurants



Whether close to Canmore, off in to the National Parks of BanffJasperYoho, or Kootenay there is plenty to see and do.  If you have lots of time and want to see the area from Edmonton all the way to the border you’ll see the plains to the mountains to the badlands (desert like) surroundings of Drumheller.  For a little diversification take the Trans-Canada #1 from the airport to Canmore but take the alternate route 1A back.  The 1A follows the Bow River for a slight change of scenery for those who have taken the more traveled route.


Skating (Ice Skating, Skateboarding)

Indoor Skating at the Canmore Recreation Centre at 1900 – 8th Ave, . Canmore, Alberta, T1W 1Y2.  For more informatoin call (403) 678-5597.  There is also a skateboard park here as well.


Outdoor Ice Skating

check out this website.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Canmore is a great place as a home base for those wishing to downhill ski or snowboard with many resorts within 20 minutes to 1 hour of the condo.   Details about resorts, including drive times.   For 3rd party information (from the town of Canmore) about near by skiing.



There is a company named Banff Snowmobile Tours that is actually located outside of Canmore 1.5 hours but they will pick people up in Canmore as part of their tour package.  It is my understanding that they get most of the business out of Canmore/Banff Town.  The drive from Canmore to their location is stunning in itself.



A number of the same trails used for hiking and biking in the summer can be used for Snowshoeing.  A good place to start is the Canmore Nordic Centre.  Snowshoes can be rented by the day for $15.00.


Trail Running

Plenty of trails and races to get the blood flowing.


White Water Rafting

Whether you do a more leisurely float down the Bow River or more full on white water rafting at Kicking Horse there is something for all levels.  I’ve tried to stay impartial and offer links to various rafting companies but many come and go and then my links point to no where.  A company that offers a very good site and who appears to know what they are doing and has been around for a while is Canadian Rockies Rafting, another popular company is the Canmore Rafting Centre.  Whether you choose to go with another company you find, I would still recommend visiting one of these sites to find answers to common questions about rafting in the area.



Keep in mind that the water can be cold since it is glacier fed (dry suit recommended, wet suit at a minimum) but windsurfing opportunities do exist quite close to Canmore in Lac Des Arc (by Dead Man’s Flats) or Ghost Lake..  A couple of hours drive away in the Columbia Valley the water is warmer and the winds are also good.  Here is a very good website for windsurfing in Alberta.