Banff/Canmore FAQ


The answers to the questions below are specifically in regards to my own personal condo suite at 403C Canmore Crossing.  I sometimes help people rent other suites within the same complex.  Some of the answers below may not apply to those units.  If something is critically important to you then please ask.


There is No Specific Arrival Date and Minimum Number of Rental Nights:

You can start your stay on any day of the week.  E.g., we don’t specify that you have to arrive on a Saturday or any other day of the week.  There is usually a 3 night minimum rental stay required.  However, this minimum is 5 nights over any period that includes Christmas (December 25th), or 5 night minimum over any period that includes New Year’s Eve (Dec 31st).  If you stay over both Christmas and New Year’s Eve then you must rent 5 nights minimum.

In last minute situations (not counting High Season as explained on the Rates page) we may rent 2 nights for bookings within 28 days of arrival.


Phone Calls:

Local calls to Canmore, Banff , Exshaw and to the Kananaskis Country are free. Long distance calls should be charged to a calling card or you need to call collect. You can receive local or long distance calls, the phone# is (403) 609-0409.


Check In/Out Times:

Check In is 3:00 PM or later, Check Out is 10:0 AM or earlier. These times allow our cleaning staff to prepare the condo in between guests.


Quiet Time

Since these are residential buildings, the condo corporation rules state that everyone must observe quiet time from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.


Will I pay tax on the suite?

On Canmore Crossing suite 403C you will pay tax.  This tax, known as the GST has been at 5% since about January 2008.  This tax is charged onmost goods and services in Canada.



We only provide last minute discounts at certain times of year. 28 days or less at all properties outside of High Season and at some of the properties it is 14 days or less during High Season. See the Rental Rates and Last Minute Discount for more details.

We do not provide discounts for any other reason. We are sometimes asked if we provide discounts for certain professions, e.g., firefighters, police, teachers, airline workers but we don’t provide special discounts.


Smoking Area

The complex is smoke free, no smoking is allowed in the condo.  However, you can smoke on the balcony.



The under ground parking garage, elevators, Fitness Centre, roof top hot tub, share an electronic key combination (4 to 5 digit combination that you enter in to the key pad). The condo door also has a numeric keypad and you will be provided with your building code, and unique access code to our condo about a 10 days before your arrival.


No Pets

We love pets but they are not allowed in our condo. It just keeps things simple around noise complaints, allergies, damages, etc.


Can I get a refund on the taxes paid?

This was possible for visitors to Canada but as of about 2008 this program is no longer available.


How does cleaning the unit work?

We pay to have the unit professionally cleaned after guests leave so the unit will be clean for you when you arrive and cleaned after you leave.  We do ask that you leave the unit neat & tidy but you don’t need to vacuum, wipe down mirrors, etc., on your last day.  We do ask that you do the dishes, there is a dishwasher, before leaving and put items back roughly where you found them but everything else is looked after for you.


Is there an Internet connection?

Since mid May 2007 we’ve had a high speed Internet connection available (you need to provide the laptop).  It is from the local Cable company (Shaw) and you will need an Ethernet jack on your computer (RJ45 Female connector – this is the normal port for DSL or Cable Internet).  In December of 2009 we did install a wireless router.  We do not support wireless connectivity.  The information you need to connect is written on the router.  If you have trouble connecting wirelessly then please use the Ethernet cable provided.  The service we are signed up for is up to 7Mb/s.  However, we will not guarantee what your speed will be, or even that the service will be up (although the up time tends to be over 99% up time).  We do not provide technical support on the connection.  It should just work when you plug it in if your TCP/IP settings are set to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server.  The provider’s Internet help page is: which should help provided you can connect to it.  Their technical support phone# is available (24/7/365) at this phone#: 1-800-400-9605.

The SMTP server (needed to send e-mail out from your computer) won’t forward so to send e-mail you will likely need to change your SMTP settings to or use your provider’s webmail access (most providers allow you to sign in to e-mail through a web browser).  Most of these details are written on the router, or cable modem.

A basic Ethernet cable is at the unit provided a previous guest didn’t pack it up by accident.


Are there grocery stores near by?

Yes, there are two fair sized grocery stores within a couple minute walk of the condo complex.  These stores should be able to handle most regular grocery needs.  There are also wine and liquor stores within a couple minute walk.


Are there any restaurants near by?

Yes, there are many restaurants, from inexpensive, to upscale within a 10 minute walk.


How far are you from Fairmount hotel by Lake Louise?

From the condo it is roughly a 1 hour drive to the Fairmont Hotel in Lake Louise.


Would we need to do reservations to fish, hike, raft etc during that time period?

As for reservations you do not need any to go hiking, at least on most of the trails. It is possible that there is some back country trail I’m not aware of that you need to register just to tell the park staff that you are out there but the regular trails I’m aware of you don’t need to register. As for fishing or rafting if you are using a tour company then I would recommend booking in advance. If you are looking to go fishing on your own you can just show up but be aware that the park has strict rules around what type of bait/lures you can use. E.g., you cannot have any lead on any of your lures.


What is the weather like, what should I pack?

Check out the local weather for Canmore/Banff and surrounding areas.  Set the area using the dropdown box.  Hit the ‘full forecast’ button for tips on what clothing you’ll need to bring.  Full forecast opens a new window with access to weather trend and historical data.

Typically you have warm summer days and cold, possibly snowy days during the winter.  Keep in mind that Canmore is in a valley in the mountains.  Weather can be fairly unpredictable, especially depending on elevation, and which side of the mountains you are on.  You could have snow at almost any time of year, although it is rare for it to snow in the town of Canmore in the summer.  Here is what I would typically pack at various times of the year.  From June to September pack T-Shirts and Sweaters.  Hopefully you will only need the T-shirt but especially in the evenings you may have need for a coat or sweater.  Winter I bring warm layered clothing and definitely have winter boots.  Spring and fall I again pack layers so that I’m prepared for a warm Chinook (unseasonably warm weather pattern) passing through, or snow.

There are a lot of sporting goods stores, and a few other clothing stores in the area.  If you forget to pack something you should be able to find it in town.


Is there much noise near by?

I believe the suite is in a quite location. The suite is on the top floor so there are no units above you for people to be stomping around making noise. The complex is about a block away from the downtown area, close enough to be convenient but far enough removed that we’ve never had problems with noise from downtown.

Even if you don’t rent my condo ask all places you are considering renting about any train and new construction noise.  Both can be very intrusive depending on exactly where you are in town.   If you rent my suite you shouldn’t have to worry about either, here is why.  I specifically looked for a condo where the train noise would not be intrusive and I’ve never received a complaint about any noise from the train.  The area around my condo is already built up so you should not have to worry about any construction noise.  I have only received one noise complaint, this was back in 2004 when a new complex was being built near by.  Since that building was completed I have not received another noise complaint.  There is new construction in many other areas of Canmore.


How close is the condo complex to Banff National Park?

It is about a 5 minute drive to the park gates.


Do we provide park passes to Banff National Park, or any of the Parks?

No, we do not provide a park pass.  It is our understanding that it is illegal to do so.  When you buy a park pass you are supposed to write your name on the back of the pass.  You could possibly be fined for being in the park with a pass that you didn’t buy.  Rather than put our guests in that situation we simply don’t provide a pass.  More details on purchasing a Parks Canada Pass, whether Daily or Annual.  As of 2011 the Annual pass is good at over 100 locations throughout Canada.


How close is the condo complex to the town of Banff, town of Lake Louise?

Depending on where you are going in the town of Banff it is a 20 to 25 minute scenic drive.  Lake Louise during good driving conditions is about an hour drive away – very nice drive.


How close is the condo complex to the various ski resorts?

The complex is centrally located to numerous ski resorts.  Please click here for skiing distances and drive times from Canmore.  Driving times can be impacted by the weather.  Keep in mind that it can be storming at one resort and sunny at another resort just 30 minutes away.


How close is the town of Jasper?

It would typically take about 3 hours to drive to Jasper from Canmore.


How close is the Calgary Airport?

It is usually about an hour drive, or slightly less with no traffic and good weather.  We e-mail you a map to the condo complex from the Calgary Airport if you book our suite.  You can always do a directions search from the Calgary International Airport to 10th Street and Railway Ave in Canmore to detailed information if you are planning a trip.  Better yet here is a map of the Calgary International Airport to our address at Canmore Crossing – Building C.


What type of transportation is available?

Please see our directions page for more details.

Shuttle transportation to the ski resorts:

Ski Shuttle to Sunshine Ski Resort – price includes lift ticket.

Rocky Mountains Sky Shuttle

The above two links have been functioning for years and the companies will hopefully continue to operate.  Other places seem to come and go every year.  You can also do searches on Superior Chauffeurs, they’ve been around for years but I can never figure out their schedules and they don’t seem to have a good website.

The Banff Airporter is another option that can get you to the Town of Banff where you will have other options available


Ski/Snowboarding Season?

Sunshine village has the longest season of any resort in Banff due to how high it is situated in the mountains. No one can predict the weather but the area ski season normally starts mid November and continues through to mid May. The Slush Cup is run mid May. Typically in warmer years some runs can start to get slushy by the end of April with colder years extending that out to mid May. Normally you should have decent skiiing in to early May but check forecasts to see if it is a warm year. We lower our rates to shoulder season in mid April every year in case it turns out to be a warm year but usually you get the best skiing for our lowest price the last two weeks of April.  More Ski Resort Details.


Is the condo wheelchair accessible?

Basically, the set up is not ideal for a wheelchair; however, we get asked the question occasionally so here is some information.  There is an elevator in the building that services the various floors.  The doors inside the condo are 30 inches wide (the actual doorway openings in the unit by the time you add the door jam, etc., are about 29.5 inches wide, the front door is 35.5 inches wide.  The main bedroom is fairly close to the front door with fairly decent access.  There are spots in the family room that would provide for less than 30 inches between furniture.  There are no handrails in the bathroom.

There is another bathroom on the 4th floor of the same building.  However, it is not private to my condo.  That other bathroom is inside the condominium fitness room.  The fitness room is limited access to people in the building (but hardly ever is used).  Once you are in the shared fitness room that area has a private bathroom with a shower.


Inventory of most asked for items

There is an in unit washer/dryer

There is a full kitchen with Fridge, stove/oven, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, blender.  There are dishes, utensils and most common kitchen items.  Don’t expect to find less basic items like a waffle iron or crock pot.  Hairdryer is available in all of our properties.


Trip Insurance questions?

We recommend you get some type of trip insurance.  Any funds paid to us (and likely your flights, etc) are non refundable.  We see at least one person a year who needs to cancel due to illness, or a family emergency.  Please get some type of insurance to cover off the unforeseen events which do happen.  Here is a 3rd party link to various trip insurance plans; however, you will need to verify with the insurance company that the plan you pick covers all of your needs:, or (for Canadians).


Where would you stay if you needed/wanted to spend at least one night in Calgary?

Our insights on spending a night in Calgary.


What type of beds are in the condo?

Having a bad back I know what it is like to need a comfortable bed.  We purchased higher end (individual pocket coil – the one with the bowling ball being dropped on the bed in the commercials) for the two main beds.  We’ve never had a complaint about their comfort level.  The sofa bed is a sofa bed though, a sofa bed mattress just can’t compare to a higher end bed mattress (since a sofa mattress is built to constantly fold in to the coach they just are never as comfortable).  We have a mattress topper which can be added to the sofa bed to give extra cushion.


Road Conditions for Banff National Park and Area?

Parks Canada – Road Conditions Report – with links to Alberta, BC provincial road closures.

Parks Canada – Seasonal Road Closures


Fall Color/Autumn Colours

See answers to common questions about autumn colors in the Canmore/Banff area.