Disney World and Distances, for those who have never been

Some notes on distances to Disney and in and around Disney World. Disney is about 40 square miles in size so it can easily take more than 20 minutes just to drive across the park. A lot of owners, in our community, say they are 3 miles from Disney. That is likely to the border of Disney. We are 3.1 miles away from the border. To get to any of the 4 parks within Disney will be a greater distance. Our vacation rental is about 5 miles from the entrance to World Drive which is the main entrance road in to Disney. Our townhome is 4 miles from Disney’s Animal Kingdom (10 Mins). The Magic Kingdom is further in to the park and typically takes 15 to 20 minutes to drive to at just under 10 miles away.

Even within the park the Animal Kingdom is about 6 miles away from the Magic Kingdom. Be prepared that even when you are in the park it can take many minutes to get from the closest Disney parking lot to the theme park you are going to.

Many owners seem to fib about distances and times it takes to get to places, whether Disney World, or the beach. We got all of our distances and timelines from Google maps. Depending on traffic and speed time to get to places will be affected. If distance from Disney (or other locations) is important to you then before you book with someone we recommend putting in the address and the place you want to drive in Google maps to get true distances.

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