Driving a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Yah, Can you believe someone actually let ME drive this?  lol

I’ve always loved cars, driving fast, taking the wheel on the open road….so when our friends who own DailyDealTips.com  told us they had an extra Luxury Car rental coupon for Affinity Luxury Car Rentals in Toronto…. I MADE THEM TAKE ME!!!!  If you have never used DailyDealTips ~ you should give it a try!  It’s an online aggregator site that pulls several Groupon/Coupon/2-4-1 type deals together on one easy to use website so you can find, compare and buy the best deals!

Me & Mukul (owner of DDT) gettting ready to drive a Lamborghini for the first time ~ notice I am at the drivers side because I AM GOING FIRST!!!

Here is the car we are driving today… it’s a 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder – too bad it was too cold to put the roof down:(. موقع رهانات

 This car is is a V10 with a 560 horsepower engine.

For all of you non – car geek types… a honda civic has around 150 HP and a lexus IS Convertible coupe sports car has 306 HP…. so 560 is INSANE!!!!!!! this car can do 0-60 (which is 100 km) in 4 seconds!

Here is me testing the 0-60 in 4 seconds theory!

The car is built so you can drive it standard or automatic… but, with paddles – not my favorite type of standard driving, I never really got the hang of it even though over the last decade i have had the pleasure of driving a few other cars with non clitch, non gearshift, crazy paddle or button shifters… I am a gear shift loyalist.

I drove it in Standard sports mode – which if you ever get the chance to drive this car DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS feature – it is VERY COOL!  You can feel the pure power of this undersized, over engined machine ~ there is nothing else like it! I had flashbacks of driving through Malibu a couple of years ago when you could hear the Ferrari’s & Lamborghini’s before you could see them, this car was no different. You can feel the rummble!  It was also an attention getter – I could see people checking out the car… I am a little disappointed that Mukul had people honking & giving the thumbs up… it must be a guy thing lol AND the guy who accompanied me on the test drive did tell me I was his frist lady driver… *grin*

This car was so powerful I was very aware of how fast i was going and how close I could get to other cars in milli-seconds so I was sure to give myself lots of room.

I also drove the car in non-sports mode which was a little easier, less jerky and WAY less engine noise ~ and less fun:) but if you are having a hard time handling the car you should switch to this mode.

The interior was like nothing else I had ever seen, it was luxurious, comfortable – the seat actually hugged me!

My turn is over….. 🙁

it’s Mukuls turn…. SEE he has the SAME silly grin on his face as I did!!  and that’s how we looked all day…. infact I am still smiling.  Well that’s enough photos of Mukul… esp because they are unauthorized lol

Don’t I look GREAT with this car?  It REALLY suits me ~ don’t you think?  …well, at approx $400,000.00 a pop i would have to live it the car to make the payments….. but it was nice to dream!  THANK YOU DailyDealTips.com

and I DO NOT know why i do this silly pose with all sports cars I drive….

  but here’s me back in 2010 doing the exact same pose when I drove in a NASCAR!

Until next time… VROOM-VROOM

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