Eagle View Cottage Rental


4 Bedroom Cottage – 690 Perivale Road, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada
Mid Season
Time Oct to May With Mid Season Exceptions
When Chi-Cheemaun starts sailing (around May 6 – Chi-Cheemaun Schedule) to the day before the first Saturday before June 20th (if June 20th happens to be a Saturday then June 19th is the last day of Mid-Season).



Starts again from Monday of Labour Day Weekend (1st Monday in September) to when Chi-Cheemaun stops sailing (around Oct 17th – Chi-Cheemaun Schedule).



Christmas/New Years (Saturday before, or including Dec 25 to the 1st Sunday morning after Jan 1st.


The first Saturday after June 17th (if June 17th happens to be a Saturday then it is the first day of High Season) to Monday of Labour Day Weekend (first Monday in September)We rent Saturday to Saturday during High Season up to the Saturday in the Labour Day Weekend (Saturday before the first Monday in September)
Nightly 2 night min. $140/night+$11/person over 6 people (10 people maximum) 2 night min (3 night minimum in September until ferry stops sailing in October), $163/night ($175/night on weekends) +$11/person over 6 people (10 people. max). Except Victoria Day long weekend in May (Monday before May 25), and Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend in October (2nd Monday in October) which is 3 Night minimum, billed at $179/night for up to 6 people, +$12/person for over 6 people. No last minute discounts  during long weekends. Not AvailableExcept we start to rent 2 night minimum stays during the Saturday of Labour Day Weekend (first Saturday before the first Monday in September).

The cost is $227/night for the Saturday and Sunday of the Labour Day Weekend.  +$11/person over 6 people/night.  10 people max.

Weekly $840.00 +$77/person over 6 people $945.00 + $77/person over 6 people $1,519.00 +$77/person over 6 people
Monthly Starting at $1,508.00+, depends on month & how long$341/person over 6 people up to 10 people max. Starting at $2550.00+, depends when & how long.$341/person over 6 people up to 10 people max. $6,417.00/month +341/person over 6 people up to 10 people max.
20% extra charged for long weekends not in High Season.

Rates and availability subject to change without notice prior to booking.

Rates after Jan 1st, 2018

  • Value Season – $5 more/night, $21 more/week
  • Mid Season – $7 more/night, $28 more/week
  • High Season – $10 more/night, $35 more/week
13% HST (Tax) Applies to all fees charged, for trips less than 30 days, for . Stays over 30 days are not currently subject to tax. Tax rates may change at any time based on the government.

All bookings take place only with a Visa or MasterCard.

Last Minute Details/Value Season

In last minute situations for bookings of 3 nights or more, other than High Season and Christmas/New Year’s Eve we may give the discounts.


Christmas/New Years

A 3 night minimum is required to book over Christmas or New Years.


More Details:

Prices are subject to change without notice (once you’ve booked though your price, other than tax, is locked in). For deposit and cancellation information please see the bottom of this page.

*During deer hunting season (gun week, from the 3rd Saturday of the month through to the 4th Sunday morning.  Rent 7 nights or longer) we charge the Mid-Season rates posted above but you may not hunt the property as the guests staying in the White Pine Vista cottage have the right to hunt the extra acreage.

Note: The deer bow hunt season rents for low season rates as you do not have the right to hunt the property if you stay at this cottage. If you wish to hunt the property look at the details for the White Pine Vista Cottage.

Notes: Fees for last minute extras (for people who don’t know when first booking), such as bringing pets, or over 6 people (and the extra charges have not been paid up front) can be paid upon arrival in cash. If you know when booking what the extras will be they should be factored in to the rental cost at that time and paid by credit card

Last minute rates will be considered based on the length of your stay. Great for a romantic weekend for those who live in the Sudbury, Espanola area.  We will rent 2 night weekends in the off-season and mid-season, except for long weekends.

For the summer the minimum rental length is one week. Saturday to Saturday starting with the 2nd last Saturday in June through to the 1st Saturday of Labour Day (the first full weekend in September). Note that the person renting the last week before Labor Day can also rent the Saturday and Sunday of the Labour Day Weekend. The Saturday and Sunday of the Labour Day weekend are charged at the High-Season Rate


Manitoulin Island Cottage Rental Availability:

Saturday to Saturday rentals during High Season (see above schedule for High Season dates) from 2nd last Saturday in June to first Saturday of July long weekend and the time from the Saturday of the Labour Day weekend in September to the following Saturday we normally rent only by the week.  However, In last minute situations we will rent less than one week during these periods:


Check in, Check out times:

Check out by 9:00 AM, check in not before 3:00 PM. High Season is rented Saturday to Saturday, Off Season rentals can start on any day of the week and check in and out times are more flexible.



Please verify with us if you plan to bring pets.

Pets are allowed on the main level of the cottage. We would ask that pets still not go in any room that has carpeting. If you are allergic to certain animals and are concerned about allergies we may no longer have a cottage for you. We will continue to buy non-allergenic materials for bedding, and building materials when we can.

We charge $60.00 extra/pet/week or less. This is due to the fact that there is more likely to be scratches, wear and tear and higher cleaning fees with pets. We also ask that the pets stay off of the furniture/beds. We also reserve the right to charge for any damage done by a pet.


Payments are by Visa or MasterCard ONLY

A deposit of 25% of the rental total is required to hold the cottage, if booking more than one month in advance of your stay. The remainder of the money is normally due one month prior to arrival. If you are booking within a month of your stay than the full amount is due up front. Receipts will be emailed with every payment.

Prior to receiving a deposit we reserve the following rights: to charge more than the typical deposit amount, to ask for the balance due sooner than one month prior to arrival. This would normally be done for key rental periods such as long weekends, December holiday period, hunting periods, as some examples.

The property is not reserved for you until we have received the deposit. At that point you have 3 days, or before your arrival, to sign and get the rental contract back to us. We only accept rental contracts were we have agreed to the rental up front so don’t just blindly send us the rental contract.

If you are not the person who has reserved the cottage you can add your name to a waiting list during this time and you will be contacted if the cottage becomes available.



Of course we hope you don’t have to change your vacation plans. However, please take note of the following in case changes are unavoidable.

Once booked there are no refunds, you are locked in to paying the unbilled funds as well on the appriate date. Why no refunds? Once you reserve we block off these dates for you and no one else is able to book.

We HIGHLY recommend that you purchase some type of vacation insurance, which includes accommodation costs. Then if you must cancel your trip the insurance may (usually for major medical problems, and other critical situations) cover the cancellation costs. Here is an example of a possible trip insurance plan; however, you would need to verify with the insurance company if this type of plan would meet your needs: https://www.insuremytrip.com, or https://www.insuremytrip.ca (for Canadians). Please read through any insurance policy you purchase carefully as it will detail exactly what is, or is not, covered.