From the Bridge in Little Current to the Cottage

NOTE:  Do NOT use Google Maps, or any program that leads you to a road following the east edge of Lake Kagawong.  The road called Mud Creek Road on the east side of Lake Kagawong has not been drivable in many years, if it ever was drivable with a car.

If you aren’t travelling through Southern Ontario, or if you are travelling from late fall to early spring, then take the bridge across to the island. General directions – you need to get to Espanola then take Highway 6 south to Little Current. For those from southern Ontario – take the 400 North to Sudbury (400 turns in to Highway 69) follow signs to Sudbury but take Highway 17 West at the south end of Sudbury. Then take Highway 6 south at Espanola to Little Current.

Directions from Little Current (Bridge Crossing) For
At bridge HWY-6 (West) 0.7 km /  0.43 miles
Go onto HWY-540 (West) 29.9 km / 18.6 miles
In M´Chigeeng (West Bay) Turn LEFT (South) onto HWY-551 2.7 km /
1.7 miles
Turn RIGHT (West) onto Cross Hill Rd 4.6 km /
2.9 miles
Turn LEFT (South) onto Monument Rd. (Don’t go up Jerusalem Hill the small dirt road that is straight ahead and turns to the right) 7.2 km /
4.5 miles
Turn RIGHT (West) onto Learmont 5.5 km /
3.4 miles
Turn RIGHT at T intersection (North) onto Perivale Rd. 3.1 km /
1.9 miles
Bear LEFT (North-West) onto Perivale Road West 2.8 km /
1.7 miles
Turn RIGHT (North) in to Cottage driveway at fire sign 690 Perivale Rd West

1 km is equal to 5/8ths of a mile.