Getting your Ski/Snow Board Equipment out to Calgary International Airport

We will be going skiing out at Sunshine this April and wondering whether to rent or fly our ski equipment from Toronto to Calgary. We did some research and found the following helpful information:

A great summary article that details costs for a number of airlines. This is a 3rd party article from 2013 and I know that some of the pricing has already changed. E.g., it lists Air Canada charging $20 but I just checked their site and the cost was $25 as of April 2015. Ski and Board check-in information by airline.

Wow, I can’t believe I waited on hold for and searched for about 60 minutes but here is what I found out, in regards to Air Canada.

The call centre at Air Canada doesn’t believe skis can be checked without being in a rigid carrier (but they really don’t know for sure). If they would be allowed the cost would be $50.00 to get them out for 2 people and $50.00 to get them back or $100.00 for each couple.

Rigid carriers seem to cost about $150+ but trying to get one quickly in Canada isn’t easy.

You can rent ski packages (skis, poles, boots – but no helmet) for $35 to $50/person for half day at Sunshine. Cost depends on the level of equipment. Helmets are an extra $10/day. If you are just going for a quick ski day then rent. Otherwise, you are likely best to take your own equipment but double check as to whether you need a rigid ski carrier. If anyone ever finds out if you can check a soft bag on Air Canada please let me know. I’ve seen articles in which people state they’ve taken soft bags on to airlines and just wrap some clothes around the skis to protect. That leads me to believe that they may be checked but the airline wouldn’t be responsible for any damage. However, my guess is this is dependent on the airline.

Sports Experts, which is right next to our condo has a rental program that is slightly cheaper than Sunshine village. You would save $8 (April 2015 pricing) for a half day if you also rented a helmet.

Sunshine Village Rental Information.
Sporting goods store (Sports Experts) right next to our condo.

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