Is the Water in Costa Rica safe to Drink?

fresh drinksIs it safe to drink the water in Costa Rica?  YES and NO….  There are certainly places where I would not drink the water and places where I feel completely safe about consuming water right out of the tap.  If in doubt – don’t do it!   Bottled water is readily available throughout the country.

Over the past few years the quality of the drinking water in the touristy parts of Costa Rica has been getting better all the time.  To this day I still ask the restaurants if their water is filtered or even bottled and then take that into consideration when ordering a drink, weather or not to have ice cubes, bottled beer or a mixed drink.  If they dont have filtered water I don’t order a salad or uncooked veggies. It also depends on the location, if you are in the larger towns like Tamarindo then chances are the water is filtered but drinking out of a garden hose at a hut in the Jungle might not be such a good idea.  Always bring plenty of water with you on day trips, and if you are on an organized tour they will likely prodive you with bottled water.

purified water snowconesOur condo complex (Sunrise Condominium in Tamarindo) has installed a water filtration system – so we never have to worry when we are drinking the water at our condo or washing the fruits and veggies.  If you are staying in a home, condo or cabana without a filtration system I would suggest purchasing large bottles or containers of water for drinking, food preparation, brushing your teeth and for making ice cubes.

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