Manitoulin Island Restaurants

Manitulin Island is truly a special place and so are the restaurant hours.  We suggest that you always call the restaurant to confirm that they will be open for the date and time you are hoping to head out.  Many restaurants are run by a family and the family wants to have some nights off so it is important to call before you assume that a restaurant will be open.  It would take me a few hours every year to sort out what is open when.  Having said that there are a number of restaurants open year round.  Here is a descent list of restaurants on the island.

From our personal experience, for more upscale:

Garden’s Gate – far side of Mindemoya from our cottage,

Hwy 542 & Smeltzers Rd

Tehkummah, Ontario P0P 2C0, Canada

  • (705) 859 -2088

    School House

    46 McNevin St
    Providence Bay, ON P0P 1T0
    (705) 377-4055


    Royal Michael’s Bay Restaurant

    221 Pennie Ave., in the township of Tehkummah, Ontario


    We’ve had great meals at all of the above places.


    For fast/pub style food:

    Buies’s in Spring Bay – BBQ in the summer

    50’s Dinner in Mindemoya

    Mom’s in Mindemoya – especially for a ‘greasy spoon’ style breakfast

    There are more places that are decent but we find ourselves going back to the above places if we want to grab a quick bite out.


    There is a native american restaurant in M’Cheeging (West Bay).  The name escapes me at the moment though.  It is on a side road and they have a good weekend buffet breakfast and apparently good dinners but definitely call ahead as it took us a number of times to find a time that we wanted to go and they were open.


    While not a restaurant I personally think that Farquhars is the world’s best ice cream.  I’m constantly striving to find better but I haven’t been successful and I’ve done a decent job of North America, and Europe.  It is creamy which isn’t everyone’s favourite but worth trying, you may add it to your favourite list.


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