Deer Hunt Details


The annual gun week hunt is held Monday through Sunday of the third week in November. Currently both cottages are booked on standing reservations but feel free to contact us to add your name to our waiting list.

The bow season begins the first Saturday in October and continues to the Friday before the gun hunt. Early in December, there is now a three-day black powder season, combined with an extended archery hunt.

Our cottages are located in WMU – 43B.  If you look at previous MNR reports you will find that WMU 43 is one of the best deer hunting locations in Ontario, which also makes it one of the best places to hunt deer in  North America.

MNR – White-tailed Deer Regulations

MNR Map of WMU – 43B

Please refer to the Ministry of Natural Resources Publications Web Site for full details on regulations for any type of hunting. It is possible that the Ministry has changed the regulations since I posted them here so please research them for yourself.

Please note, the MNU has changed the location of their regulation numerous times over the years.
If a link above is broken, please search their site directly and inform us so that we can update our links.