Grouse and Snowshoe Hare


Our cottages, that we allow hunters to use, are located in MNR WMU – 43B
We try to maintain a balance between allowing our non-hunting guests to view wildlife that they can’t see further south and allowing hunting on the property. Therefore, we only allow hunting for animals which we feel will quickly repopulate to the cottage properties for our non-hunting guests to enjoy. Therefore, we allow hunting for ruffed grouse, snowshoe hare, and some other furbearing mammals as there are just so many of them on our property and on the surrounding area.

Game Bird and Migratory Birds

Our rental properties typically have an abundance of ruffed grouse. The hunting season for these birds typically starts in later September until mid December but check the regs below for full details.

While pheasants have been seen on our properties we typically don’t allow them to be hunted.    While we’ve seen many more pheasants in recent years we still don’t believe they would repopulate quickly enough, at our immediate cottage property, if we allowed them to be hunted.

Small Mammals and Furbearing Mammals

There are quite a number of small mammals on the property, such as snowshoe hare. They are abundant enough that we do allow hunting for them. For example, in going for a short 15 minute walk around a small portion of the property it isn’t unusual to see multiple snowshoe hare.

MNR – Small Game Regulations

MNR Map of WMU – 43B

Please refer to the MNR Publications Site for required information on regulations for your hunting trips to our cottages.

Please note, the MNU has changed the location of their regulation numerous times over the years.
If a link above is broken, please search their site directly and inform us so that we can update our links.