Manitoulin Fishing

Here are the types of fish (mostly thanks to, partly thanks to local fishermen) you can catch at some of the more popular areas near by the cottage.  The time in brackets is the approximate driving distance from the cottage.  Below Muskie refers to Muskellunge, Pike refers to Northern Pike, Pickerel is the same as Walleye and SM Bass is Small Mouth Bass.  All of the bodies of water below are either on Manitoulin Island, or from part of its border with Lake Huron.

This is information that I put together over the years.  You can see the MRN Fishing Regulations site for the area.  Since I created the details below the MNR also came out with the Fishing Explorer site. Just click “Water Body Name” in the Search By area at the left of the screen (they move it around the page every few years) and type “Lake Kagawong” (without quotes) in to the “Enter a Water Body Name”, set the “within” distance and click “Go”. You can then click the fish icons to get access to the regulations, type of fish and various other information in each lake.

The time to drive to the lake/river from the cottage is listed in brackets in front of the lake or river name:

(25 min.) Bayfield Sound:  Perch, Pike, Rainbow Trout, SM Bass, and Whitefish

(30 min.) Big Lake:  Perch, Pike, Muskie, SM Bass

(25 min.) Lake Huron:  Depends where see Manitowaning Bay, McGregor Bay, Meldrum Bay, Michael’s Bay, Mudge Bay, North Shore, Providence Bay, Shequiandah Bay, South Baymouth

(20 min.) Ice Lake:  Pike, SM Bass

(at cottage) Lake Kagawong: Perch, Pike, Pickerel (not many), SM Bass, Catfish

(35 min.) Lake Manitou:  Lake Trout,  Perch, SM Bass, Whitefish

(35 min.) Manitou River:  Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Speckled Trout

(50 min.) Manitowaning Bay:  Perch, Pike, Salmon, Splake

(40 min.) McGregor Bay:  Lake Trout, Muskie, Pike, SM Bass

(60 min.) Meldrum Bay:  Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Whitefish

(35 min.) Michael’s Bay:  Brook Trout, Chinook Salmon, Rainbow Trout

(20 min.) Lake Mindemoya:  Perch, Pickerel, Pike, SM Bass, Whitefish

(25 min.) Mindemoya River:  Brook Trout, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Rainbow Trout,

(25 min.) Mudge Bay:  Perch, Splake, Chinook Salmon, Rainbow Trout

(25 min.) North Channel:  Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Lake Trout, LM Bass, Muskee, Perch, Pike, Rainbow Trout, SM Bass, Splake Whitefish

(25 min.) Providence Bay:  Brook Trout, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Rainbow Trout

( 45 min.) Sheguiandah Bay:  Muskie, Perch, Pike, SM Bass

(50 min.) South Baymouth:  Lake Trout, Perch, Pike, Splake, Whitefish

(15 min.) Tobacco Lake:  Pike, SM Bass

(25 min.) Lake Wolsey:  Perch, Pike, SM Bass

For 3rd party photos of fish and nature from all across Manitoulin Island
see the photos at “Manitoulin Streams


“We did catch quite a few fish. My husband caught the largest bass of our group and it was about 17″ and my brother-in-law caught the largest perch at 13″. My husband also caught a couple of catfish, in fact, all of us caught quite a few fish. In fact, one evening, we thoroughly enjoyed a freshly caught perch dinner.” S.T. (fishing the lake while staying at our cottage for over 5 years.