Approximately 1200 sq ft Winterized Cottage

4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom
Full Kitchen,
Satellite TV, Microsoft XBox,
High Speed Internet

Read on for all of the details

What Do You Need To Bring/What is provided

You need to provide your food, including condiments, and personal items, such as toothbrushes, shampoo, and other toiletries.  Please provide your own towels.  You can wash and dry them before packing them to go home.  There is a DVD player, CD/Tape Stereo and an XBOX so feel free to bring DVDs, CDs, Tapes, and XBox games.

Bedding is provided for the main beds (we supply bedding for the beds in the four bedrooms,  If you wish to use the couch, or any floor space as a bed you will need to provide the bedding.  We try to provide propane for the BBQ, paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, basic spices (salt & pepper), dish soap, laundry soap but to guarantee that you have some you may want to bring your own.  Please bring your own shampoo and bath soap.

While there are no super centres on the island there are decent grocery stores, and other types of stores in Mindemoya, and Gore Bay, both about 20 minutes from the property.

Inventory of major items – Eagle View Cottage

The cottage has most of the items that a typical home would have, included here is not everything in the cottage but a list of main items people have asked about.  If there is something you must have while at the cottage, that isn’t on this list either bring it yourself or call to see if it is at the cottage.


1 patio set on the deck
A number of wooden Muskoka type chairs – as of May 24, 2005
20′ dock
Canoe, with 2 paddles and at least 2 (adult) life jackets, required safety equipment
BBQ, on deck, 2 propane tanks, BBQ brushes
Fire Pit, fire wood (enought fire wood for a nice bon fire every night – not an endless supply)
Sand box for the kids
Horse Shoe Pits


Main Floor Bathroom
Shower/tub, toilet, sink, vanity
Blow dryer

Master Bedroom (main floor)
Large Closet,
Queen size bed, with bedding
2 night tables, bedside lamps, alarm clock

2nd Bedroom (main floor)
Closet, dresser
Twin bunk bed (2 single mattresses and bed), bedding
Reading light

3rd Bedroom
Closet, shelves, night table
Queen bed, bedding
Futon Couch/Bed (double) – no bedding

4th Bedroom
Closet, shelves, night table
Queen bed, bedding
Possibly a Futon Couch/Bed (double) – no bedding – confirm that this is present if it is important to you.

Upstairs Bathroom
Shower, toilet, vanity

Large, water dispensing, ice cube dispensing fridge
Electric Stove/Oven, microwave
Pots, pans (at least 2 frying pans), knives (decent quality standard set, steak knives, carving knife, paring knife), forks, spoons, dishes, bowls, cups, glasses for about 10 people+
Electric Fry Pan, toaster, tea kettle, coffee pot, blender, wine glasses, and colander
Reverse Osmosis water (purified water)  (1 faucet at sink, fridge) in kitchen

Your typical Canadian kitchen with most supplies, veggie peeler, potato masher, ice cream scoop, etc.  If you really want to make a specific meal and aren’t sure whether something will be in the kitchen you better bring your own.  There is NOT a pot big enough to boil lobsters – if you want to do this you better bring your own lobsters or check with the island grocery stores to see if they have any in stock

We don’t provide many consumables like saran wrap or tin foil. Sometimes people leave a bit behind but it’s not something we stock. The consumables we do provide are toilet paper, dish soap, hand soap, laundry soap, and usually one roll of paper towels :-)

Dining Room
Dining room table, with 8 chairs
High Chair (available in closet of main level 2nd bedroom).

Laundry Area
Full size, washer, dryer, detergent
First aid kit
Broom, dust pan, garbage bin

Family Room
20″ TV
Satellite dish (Bell Express Vu) – lots of stations, sports, movies, news, other
Stereo (Tapes/CDs, Radio – limited radio stations on the island – some country and a generic very mixed rock station, the satellite dish plays music above channel 900)
High Speed Internet – both wireless, and Ethernet connections.  You are on your own for figuring out how to connect.  You should just be able to plug in the Ethernet Cable or access the wireless connection and it should just work.  If that doesn’t just work I won’t be able to help you as it may be a problem with your own computer.  The Internet is provided as a bonus service there will be no refunds if it doesn’t work with your computer.
XBox (plays DVDs and video games)  XBox games
Many DVDs (comedy, classics, suspense, dramas, Sci Fi, fantasy, small but growing selection for children)  A store about 15 minutes away also rents DVDs (for those rainy days)
A few books (Sci Fi, Fantasy, suspense, etc),Geocache locations for Manitoulin Island – this keeps disappearing as people likely use the papers and they get misplaced.  There are a number of Geocache’s on the island, some are located on great hiking routes.
Cordless phone – number (705) 377-7773
Chess/Checkers, and various other games
Couch (large cresent shape)

Crawl Space under Cottage – no access granted
The mechanics that keep the house going such as the propane furnace and ultraviolet light for all water in cottage (ensures no bacteria in water Even though the well water has tested potable every time we’ve tested it we’ve added a purification system for peace of mind).

If you think something is missing from the list feel free to ask about it.  It may exist but we forgot to add it to the list.

Eagle View, our 4 bedroom Manitoulin Island Cottage, was originally called Cedar View.  However, the day I received the keys to the front door I saw a bald eagle circling over top of the cottage.  I ran to grab my camera but the eagle soared away before I could get a picture.  Then again in October of 2005 my wife and I saw a bald eagle circling over the cottage again.  It again disappeared before we could get a camera.  We have now renamed the cottage Eagle View.  We’ve also heard from a neighbour that he has seen a female bald eagle nesting on the property in the past.  Hopefully you’ll have a chance to see one of these majestic creatures yourself if you stay at the cottage.  We would appreciate getting a photo of the bald eagle soaring over the property if anyone manages to get one.