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A secluded 4 bedroom cottage with over 300 feet of lakefront.

We wanted to ensure that you will have plenty of privacy at this cottage. We currently have 2 cottages, sharing about 25 acres of property and 600+ feet of shoreline. The second, White Pine Vista Cottage, is over 300 feet away and we left a buffer of brush in between the cottages so that they are private from each other.

This cottage is as close to the lake as the by-law allows (66′ from the high water mark). There are horse shoe pits, a sand box and about a quarter acre of lawn at the cottage. There is a dock, with a buoy offshore for tying up a boat (the cottage comes with a canoe for getting out to the buoy and back). Lots of people, of all ages, have enjoyed swimming out front of the cottage over the years.

The property is on a small bay (Patterson Bay) in the South West of Lake Kagawong, a fairly large lake (it would take about 1 hour to drive around the lake on the local roads). The property consists of open field, cedar forest, mixed forest and limestone shoreline. If you take a walk around dawn or dusk don’t be surprised to see a deer or other animals wandering around.

Enjoy the clean air/water. Star gaze at night around the fire pit and wake up in the morning to the call of a loon. A place to really get away from it all, also a place to explore the magnificent beauty and character of Manitoulin Island.