Manitoulin Island Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Need To Bring/What is Provided

You need to provide your food, including condiments, and personal items, such as toothbrushes, shampoo, and other toiletries. Please provide your own towels. You can wash and dry them before packing them to go home. There is a DVD player and CD Stereo so feel free to bring DVDs, CDs, Tapes, and XBox games.

Bedding is provided for the main beds (we supply bedding for all of the bedrooms, if you want to use a couch as a bed, even one that has a pull out bed, you must supply any bedding). We try to provide propane for the BBQ, paper towels, Kleenex, toilet paper, hand soap, basic spices (salt & pepper), dish soap, laundry soap but to guarantee that you have some you may want to bring your own. Please bring your own shampoo and bath soap.

While there are no supercenters on the island there are decent grocery stores, and other types of stores in Mindemoya, and Gore Bay, both about 20 minutes from the property.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Eagle View Cottage: In January 2004, this two story lakefront cottage (approx 1200 sq ft in size) was completed on the property, well removed from the original cottage. There are cedar/pine trees, and over 300 feet between the two cottages keeping them both private. This cottage has 4 bedrooms and one of the bedrooms has bunk beds (in total there are two queen beds, one double bed, and a twin bunk bed – plus a couple of futon couches/beds). This cottage has a fireplace. Two of the bedrooms and one bathroom is on the 2nd level. This cottage is about 70 feet from the water and has a better water view than the original cottage. This cottage has 290 feet of shoreline. The rest of the Frequently Asked Questions may be specific to the Original Cottage.

White Pine Vista Cottage: The original cottage consists of a prefabricated 16 feet x 74 feet structure that was delivered to the location in June of 2002 and then an addition was added in the same year. This cottage is over 1200 sq ft in size. This cottage does not have a fireplace. This cottage is one level, no stairs inside the cottage other than one step to get in to and out of the cottage. This cottage is about 200′ from the lake, you can see the water from the kitchen through a screening of trees.

Which Cottage should you choose:

Take a look at the photo & video galleries to help you decide.
Eagle View Photo Gallery
White Pine Vista Photo Gallery

Pluses about the Eagle View cottage: A gas fireplace a high speed Internet connection, and an extra bedroom. It is closer to the water (better view of the ake from inside the cottage) and the dock (lifted out of water during colder weather) that goes with that cottage. We will consider pets at this cottage (especially small ones). This cottage has a chain in the deeper part of the water about 40 feet off the end of the doc. You can attach a boat to the chain and then use the provided canoe to get to and from your boat.

Pluses about the White Pine Vista cottage: If someone in your group can’t handle stairs then this is the cottage for you since there are no stairs other than one small step to get in to the cottage The master bedroom has its own very large ensuite bathroom. While this cottage allows pets we ask that they stay out of the 2 bedrooms with carpeting. The water at the White Pine Vista dock is deeper near shore.

Non Smoking: Both cottages are non smoking. You can smoke outside, and in the storage room of the Original Cottage.

Weather: On the right hand side of the screen near the top of the page is weather information for Gore Bay (which is the closest town to the cottages which reports weather – just under 15 minutes away). You can also select Sudbury and Tobermory to see what the weather will be like depending if you take the ferry or the bridge on to Manitoulin Island. If you select the “click for forecast” link it opens a Weather Network window where you can find long range forecasts and seasonal weather information on the area.

Fire Pit: Both cottages have a fire pit which can be used as long as there is not a fire ban for the area. We provide some firewood, enough to have a nice bonfire every night, not enough to be burning it 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. If you run out of the firewood we provide with the rental more can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Cottage Phone#: The White Pine Vista cottage phone# is (705) 377-5933, the Eagle View cottage phone# is (705) 377-7773. The phones makes local calls only. The phones will receive long distance calls but will not make them. 1(800) numbers can be dialed, so Bell Calling card customers can make long distance calls, same with other calling cards that involve dialing a 1(800)# first. Cell reception is usually fairly good inside the cottage, at least for Bell Mobility, and Telus customers.

Keys: The cottages have erental lock electronic key pads. What this means is that you are given a 10 digit to use when you arrive. Upon arrival and use of the 10 digit code, you are able to enter in your own 4 digit code that will last for the rest of your stay. If you have any problems John and Rolanda the onsite property managers are available at 760 Perivale Road West (about 2 driveways west of the cottage entrance). They can also be reached by phone at (705) 377-5246. Failing that you can also reach us by phone (519) 937-9142 and we can help out too.

Satellite: The satellite is a Bell Express Vu with 9 packages enabled. This means you get a fair number of sports channels and most movie, regular and specialty networks channels. Radio stations on the island are limited but the channel numbers above 900 on the satellite dish receive a number of various styles of music. Plus there is a tape and CD player available.

Internet: Eagle View cottage has high speed internet through a wireless router on the Amtelecom Network (small teleco provider). We do not guarantee uptime as it is provided by a 3rd party; however, uptime over the last year has been around 99%. You will need a wireless network on your laptop or you may connect directly to the router using an RJ-45 cable if your laptop has that type of connect. Please bring your own network cable if you do not have wireless access. The SMTP server is I try to leave an RJ-45 cable at the cottage but sometimes it disappears. To contact Amtelecom support:

White Pine Vista also has Internet with Wifi.  The same as Eagle View we don’t guarantee the up time but we’ve experienced around 99%+ up time in general.


Phone# for support (local call from the cottage): 705-377-5353

For any Internet use from either cottage you are pretty much on your own (so call the East Link Support# directly above) as we won’t help to configure your computer to connect to the network. However, things should “just work” if you have your computer set to use a DHCP server to obtain your IP address.

Guests: You are allowed guests to visit and stay over. However, if there are a total of more than 6 guests and they stay over night there is an additional cost for each week or less that they stay. The amount changes based on time of year (High Season, Low Season, etc.) please see our Cottage Rates page for the appropriate cottage in the right hand menu.

Swimming/Shoreline: The shoreline is limestone, which means it is good for swimming unless you require sand, in which case the closest sandy beach is 20 minutes away. There are a number of photos of the cottage shoreline in the summer photo gallery that give you an idea of what the shoreline is like. Both cottages have fairly easy access to the dock from the appropriate cottage. The lake does get very deep in areas but those areas tend to be at least 50+ feet away from shore. You may want to wear something on your feet (sandals, old running shoes, water shoes, etc., but it isn’t necessary). The lake is north of the cottages. There are a number of families with small children that repeatedly enjoy swimming at both cottages every year.

White Pine Vista — There is a 40 foot long dock. The water gets deeper gradually and is typically about 7 to 8 feet deep at the far end of the dock. The laneway ends right down at the dock area.

Eagle View — The dock is about 20′ long at this cottage. The water is about 2 feet to 4 feet deep at the immediate area around this dock (see further down for how to “dock” your boat at the cottage buoy.

Docks go in to the water in around mid-May and come out around mid-September.   If you are traveling near these dates verify that the dock will be in the water for your cottage if this is important.

Lake: The lake is quite large. It would likely take about an hour to drive around it. The cottage is in a small fairly secluded bay (known as Patterson’s Bay) at the south west end of the lake.

Boats: The cottages each come with a fairly sturdy canoe (and a couple adult size life jackets – plus an Ontario safety kit – bail bucket, whistle, etc., was purchased for both canoes). A fishing resort, called Mac’s Camp, about 5 minutes west down the lake rents aluminum fishing boats.

The closest public boat launch is less than a 5 minute car/boat ride away.  Both cottages have a small buoy a short canoe paddle out front from the dock for that cottage that allows a boat to be tied up. You simply take the canoe about 40 feet off shore to the buoy and get in your boat that way.  The buoys help on very windy days as they keep a boat pointed in to any waves. Mac’s camp (about a 5 minute walk west) may, for a fee, allow your boat to dock there.

Boat Traffic: Volume of motor boat traffic is fairly low. The cottage is on a fairly secluded bay. You will usually see some fishing boats. I’ve never seen sea doos or jet skis but they could show up. I have seen people intertubing, but rarely.

Allergies: For people with pollen allergies the season on the island is usually a couple of weeks behind Southern Ontario in the spring and a bit earlier in the fall. The property is heavily populated with cedar trees; however, there are maple, birch, oak, beech, iron wood, etc., and numerous kinds of ever green trees. The east end of the property is an open area with various types of wild grass growing. The areas around both cottages have a lawn.

Hospitals: Mindemoya (about 20 minutes away) has a small health centre (geared towards older patients). There is a hospital (that can handle most usual things in Little Current (about 45 minutes away).

Food/Groceries: You must provide your own food. We have tried to provide some of the basics (like salt and pepper) but it just doesn’t work well so we have stopped trying. We have taken to suggesting that people bring some of the basic items like spices and things they do not mind bringing up and taking back. There is Buie’s Grocery (corner store) in Spring Bay for the basics (a 5 to 10 minute drive south of the cottage, just west of the south west corner of highway 542 and Perivale Road). You won’t find any mega grocery stores and may have trouble finding things like fresh lobster. However, most needs can be met from the grocery stores in Mindemoya (about 20 minutes from the cottage and not far out of the way whether coming by bridge through Little Current or by ferry through South Baymouth). Foodland in Mindemoya is just south of the intersection of Highways 542, 551. We highly recommend you try the local Farquhar’s Dairy ice cream if you are in the mood for this country fresh treat and like creamy ice cream. You can get groceries in Gore Bay at the Valu Mart right on the main road (if you continue north after the 542 meets the 540) in to town, about 15 minutes north of the cottages. A charming older town on the north shore of Manitoulin Island.

Restaurants – see our Manitoulin Island Restaurants blog posting

What else is on the 25 acres? Aside from the 2 cottages, which are private from each other and Perivale Road, there are trees (a lot of cedar, some mixed forest) and some open field.

Driving distances from cottage to Manitoulin Island towns:
a) Gore Bay – about 15 minutes

b) Kagawong – 25 minutes (the cottage is on pretty much the exact opposite shoreline for the town of Kagawong)

c) Little Current – 45 minutes

d) M’Cheeging – 15 minutes

e) Mindemoya – about 20 minutes

f) South Baymouth – about 50 minutes

The cottage is pretty much in the centre of the island.

Trip Insurance questions? We recommend you get some type of trip insurance. Any funds paid to us (and likely your flights, etc) are non refundable. We see at least one person a year who needs to cancel due to illness, or a family emergency. Please get some type of insurance to cover off the unforeseen events which do happen. Here is a 3rd party link to various trip insurance plans; however, you will need to verify with the insurance company that the plan you pick covers all of your needs:, or (for Canadians).

Inventory of major items – Eagle View (4 bedroom cottage)

Inventory of major items – White Pine Vista (3 bedroom cottage)


Please see the Rate page, and Activities page for other common questions – available for each cottage at the top right of this page.

Seeing the Property before your rental

Occassionally someone asks us if they can view the property before their rental. This is okay in between rentals if the property manager is present. We cannot show the property if it is rented to a guest when you wish to view it. We have a video of the property here:

Renting both cottages at the same time

It is possible to rent both cottages for larger gatherings. In fact, you need to do so and it likely works out cheaper to do so if you have more than 10 guests. Let us know if you want both cottages and we will send you two separate quotes (one for each cottage). The cottages are about 300 feet away from each other. When you rent both cottages you have approximately 25 acres of private property to explore.

When booking both cottages we ask that you keep items at the cottages you found them in. In the past when we’ve rented both cottages one or the other tends to be used as the primary cottage and dishes, and other items seem to migrate to that cottage. It is easy to sort things back out again. We ask that you keep the dishes and other items at the cottage you find them in or set up some way so that you know how to get them back to the correct cottage before you leave.

This will help to ensure that we don’t get any phone calls from the guests who check-in after you leave wondering why there are no forks, glasses, XBox games, etc., in their cottage.

Late check-out, or early check-in time
From about mid-June to mid-September we tend to book solid and our cleaners need the full 5 or 6 hours to clean both cottages. We can not make exceptions during that time period, check-in is 3:00 PM and check-out is 9:00 AM, sorry.  You are to call the local property managers when you arrive (phone# is on the fridge) you can ask them to clean your cottage 2nd which may allow a slightly later check-out (but this is controlled by the property managers not the owners)

At other times of the year, especially mid-October to early May, if we don’t have someone checking-in or out on the same day then you may be able to arrange an early check-in or later check-out.  A later check out needs to be worked out with the property managers the day before you depart. The key is that our cleaner must have enough time to prepare the cottage for our next guests. Note though that the electronic code you have will expire at the time listed in your arrival package.

Please check out our activities section (top right of page) for things to around the island if you believe you would get to the property before 3:00 PM.

What Type of Last Minute Discounts Do We Give?

We only provide last minute discounts at certain times of year (if you are renting 3 nights or more, and not during the summer): 28 days or less at all properties outside of High Season and at some of the properties it is 14 days or less during High Season. See Eagle View: Rental Rates and Last Minute Discount for more details. For White Pine Vista: Rental Rates and Last Minute Discount.

We do not provide discounts for any other reason. We are sometimes asked if we provide discounts for certain professions, e.g., firefighters, police, teachers, airline workers but we don’t provide special discounts.

Charges for over 6 people, and yes, babies are people too :-)
Our base rate allows for up to 6 people. Once you are over six people you pay the extra/person charge (see Rates link, at top right of page) and it doesn’t matter the age of the guests (new born to over 100 years old). We try and keep our rates simple that meant setting a flat rate at 6 people. These days that covers most families with young children. For groups of over 6 people 98% of the time it is an extended family or a group of unrelated people traveling.

We provide items, such as, high chair, play pen, baby gates. We also notice that larger groups generally take more time to clean up after from bedding, to general cleaning. For all these reason we charge extra for over 6 people.