White Pine Vista

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The dock at this cottage won’t be in the water in 2020 until June 27, 2020.

A secluded 3 bedroom cottage with over 600 feet of lakefront.

The cottage is on a small bay, known as Patterson Bay, on a fairly large lake called Lake Kagawong.  Lake Kagawong is the 2nd largest lake on Manitoulin Island.  It takes about one hour to drive around the lake.  Manitoulin Island has over 100 lakes and is a gorgeous example of how beautiful Ontario is.

The next closest cottage is about 500 feet away, about a city block apart, with trees left in between for privacy.  This cottage is tucked a little further back from the lake (about 200 feet).  There is a large dock at this cottage.  There is room to park 10+ vehicles in the parking area.

The property consists of about 1/2 acre of lawn around the cottage.  Out in front of that is the lake, limestone shoreline (the closest public sandy beach is in Gore Bay about 15 minutes away) with trees, an open field to the east, cedar forest, mixed forest finish off the property.  There is a path through the bush on the property where we’ve seen a fair bit of Ontario wildlife.

There is a bonfire area, a sand box, horse shoe pits, washline.