White Pine Vista Testimonials

Manitoulin Island, Lake Kagawong, White Pine Vista 3 Bedroom Cottage Guest Book
One of the Nicest Rental Cottages on Manitoulin
We’ve had a number of guests comment that our cottage is one of the nicest out there, at least for the price range it rents in. Guests like the cottage because of the amenities provided and the property/lake.
More Than Expected
Another popular comment is that people receive more than they expected for the money paid. Also, while there are some great photos on the website overall they can’t do the 18+ acre property justice.
Clean, Comfortable, Well Equipped Cottage
Guests usually spend most time outside but if the weather isn’t nice then there is plenty to do inside as well, from old fashion board games, books to satellite TV and an XBox video game system.
Sunsets and Exploring
You may experience great sunrises and sunsets at the cottage. Plus with 25+ acres (including property from the sister cottage next door) there is a fair bit of exploring to do without leaving the cottage property
The Dock
Enjoy life for a while on the large dock, great views, good swimming.
Great place for kids
The notes left by the kids are always fantastic.
Again and Again
The cottage started renting in Fall 2002. Soon it may only be repeat guests coming back. Currently you need to book about a year in advance if you want a specific week
“All the Extras”
Guests comment about the extras that some cottages don’t have, like purified water, 2 bathrooms, dishwasher, washer/dryer, Satellite TV, XBox
Its a bit like camping but with the amenities of a nice house. Lots of birds, deer, small mammals around the property and island.
The nigth sky is fantastic. Manitoulin is becoming internationally known for its low light pollution and therefore the clear night sky. We have some books at the cottage to help guests identify constellations. Also, a fantastic place to experience Native American culture, from pow-wows to art and museums.
Love the View