Spotted with my scope… (1)


We bought a scope (Kowa TSN-884) to take photos of our Vacation Rental Properties… getting upclose & personal with the monkey’s in Costa Rica AND to view fields full of magestic Sandhill cranes on Manitoulin Island without disrupting nature!  Here are a few photos we took around our home…  Stayed tuned for more photos from all our properties!    

These two photos are kind of a cheat… we didn’t actually take the photos of the Little Blue Heron & the Anhinga drying it’s wings, BUT it was the reason we now own a scope!  our tour guide in Carara Park in Costa Rica took them with his scope by holding up my pentax point and shoot camera – YUP, that’s right a 4.0 megapixel point and shoot camera took these photos! العاب كازينو مجاني  


Anhinga, Carara Park, Costa Rica, Central America

The remainder of the photos are taken by us and you can tell we are still learning.  At first we tried holding up the camera to the lense of the scope – freehand but eventually we broke down and purchased the camera attachment. 


Heron in Carara Park Costa Rica
Heron, Cambridge Ontario, Canada

This Heron photo was taken in our yard in Cambridge Ontario, Canada… I know it shouldn’t surprise me  – they CAN fly!!!  So I don’t know why it impresses me that the same type of bird that is found in Costa Rica in the winter is found in our back yard in the spring. كيفية ربح المال من الالعاب   

Hawk, Cambridge Ontario, Canada

Hairy OR Downy…I really don't know – Our Yard, Cambridge Ontario, Canada

Male Cardinal in our yard, Cambridge Ontario, Canada


Blue Jay on a very cold day, Cambridge Ontario, Canada


 Hope you enjoyed the photos & keep checking back because I will post more photos that I ‘spotted with my scope’!  and Next time it will be photos from Costa Rica… get up close & personal with birds, monkeys and crocodiles!  






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