The Richard Petty Ride-a-long Experience at Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando

This is no ordinary Disney ride boys & girls!  These are REAL 600hp NASCAR automobiles.  I only did a ride along, but there are 4 different programs available & with a little training you can even drive the car yourself! 

Here’s me and my driver Dave, he drove wonderfully fast!  About 140mph! … that’s about 225 km/hr

And here’s the car!  I don’t know why I am posing like Vanna White, this is not Wheel of Fortune!  I think I actually went to hug the car but it was REALLY hot….

Here’s a VIDEO of me racing around the track

Here’s a VIDEO of me getting out of the car Dukes of Hazard style

AND on December 24th the in car video that the nice folks at Richard Petty taped for me showed up in my mail box – Merry Christmas to me!!!!!  ENJOY!


 I was supposed to do the Richard Petty Rookie Experience which includes class room lessons & 8 laps of solo driving in an authentic NASCAR around the speedway!… I LOVE cars & speed, so this was my dream come true!  So?…why didn’t I do it?  When we arrived at the Walt Disney World Speedway the track was wet…I haven’t driven standard in many years….I knew I would go faster and get a better experience if I got a pro to drive… and THAT’S my reason for not doing the Rookie Driving Experience and I am sticking to it!  PLEASE do not ask me again!

Despite my disappointment in myself (for not doing the rookie experience as planned), it was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who likes NASCAR or even just driving fast!

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