When a Porcupine falls in the forest

One day on his morning walk in the forested area behind our Manitoulin Island cottage Larry came across a low tree branch with tons of porcupine needles sticking straight up in the air, but no sign of a naked porcupine. 

taken on our property where a porcupine fell out of a tree
That's me (Laurie) getting my picture taken with the porcupine needles.

We looked it up on the Internet and it’s not ununusual for a porcupine to fall out of a tree.  They are a little greedy, and don’t know their own weight, so they will climb right out on the far edges of a tree to get the more tender leaves.  Sometimes the tree limb can no longer support them and they fall. 

Since then we have seen porcupines up in trees (mostly in the late fall when the trees are bare). 

Safety Note: unlike the old wive’s tale, porcupines can’t actually shoot thier quills.  You have to touch the animal for it’s quills to release, so don’t try to pet one!!  They are not agressive animals and will usually wander away from you.

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